Creating and Adding a Student to a Route

In this tab is where you create and edit student details as well as changing the Status of the student from Active or Inactive by clicking on the first drop down box as shown below.

To add a new student click on the + Add and complete the details as per below or you can choose to import the details by completing a CSV form in excel and upload it.  This form can be downloaded by clicking this link. (Insert Link)

Once the student has been created and saved, the screen will show the students details as below;

Here the student can also be Suspended of the service, Billing suspended when the bill has not been settled and make the student Active or Inactive.

The following icons invoke the following action:

[Route] [Edit] [Delete]

Adding a Route to a Student

By clicking on the Route button, the below screen pops up.  Here you can choose the Group the student belong to i.e. AM or PM route, then followed by the Bus route and desired Stop on that Route.  Once those items have been selected then the desired dates can be added for a selected period.  Once you click the Apply/Save button the Confirmation screen will pop up to confirm the Route selected.

Removing / Un-assigning a Student from a route

To remove/unassigned a student from a route for a specified period, select the student that you want to make the changes to by clicking on the arrows to edit route option assigned to selected student.

Once you have clicked on the arrows to edit the student route option, start by selecting [No Bus] followed by removing the From To date and clicking [Apply]  once you have done so the  as per the below screen shot, a Confirmation window will pop up as per [Confirmation] screen shot below.

The below will pop up on the screen once you have clicked [Apply] to save changes to the selected Student, this screen ask that you confirm actions selected, once you are happy with the selection, click clear and this will clear the Route and date period selected for that student.  Once you are ready to assign a new Route to Student follow steps as above. Adding a Route to a Student.