Routes - Settings

Before you can create Routes, you will need to first create a [Transport Company] and an [Event group].

In this tab is where you [+Add] Routes by creating events, View Bus Dates, change bus dates and add Stops to a specific Route.

To add a route, simply click on the [+Add] button and the below form will pop up or View Bus Dates for all available Routes to you by clicking the [View Bus Dates] button and the View Bus Dates date form will pop up as per last screen shot.

To [Add] a Route, simply click on the [Add] button and complete the below form as follows;

  1.  Event Name which becomes the Route Name
  2. Select a Group from the drop down box
  3. followed by the Company name,
  4. Select an Event Type from the drop down box
  5. Add an Event Number that relates to your Event
  6. Enter he Capacity which relates to the bus capacity
  7. Event Colour allows you to personalise your events by assigning a colour of your choice
  8. Set GPS Scanning Mode to always show Continuous Scanning as this will enable continuous updates
  9. Timezone, please make sure that it's set to your timezone dependent of where you are locate, example shows timezone for Melbourne Australia

The below two (2) screen shots show how to complete the above steps. 

To [Add] stops to a route, click on the [FLAG] icon under Stop List and the below screen will pop up.

The blue section is stops selected and that are pinned on the map on the right.  To add a stop to the Route being created, simply click and drag from the green list to the left blue list.

Here you can also change the other of the Stops by click and dragging the address/Stop number up or down. 

To view and edit the bus availability dates, click on the [Calendar] icon under the Action heading.  Start by selecting the Group from the drop down box followed by the Bus, the select the dates required.  Once complete click on the Apply (Save) icon.

You can Edit the Route details by clicking on the [//] pencil icon and click save once finished.

Allocating students to route. Click on small People Allocator button. Drag and drop students to stop. Select Assign confirm date range in pop up and click Apply.