In the Transport tab there are many function that can be accessed;

  1. View which students status for a particular Route and Stop by clicking on the drop down boxes on the left hand side.
  2. View how many students have been Booked on the bus, No. students Logged on and off the bus; N. of students Expected on the bus; Capacity of the bus.
  3. See which diver had been planned or allocated to a particular Route once the driver has logged into his device and selected the allocated route.
  4. The search button allow the user to search for a student by typing the name in the field box.
  5. The [+Add] bottom allows user to add a student to a bus stop as per below example.

To add a student to a bus stop, first select the student from the left column followed by selecting the bus STOP from Right column

To import a student list to a route, complete the template (insert template) and click the Choose File button to upload the student list for a day or you can click the multi day upload if the list if for more that a day.

You can also export a transport report in 3 file formats, as per below that show information as displayed in sample report (School1 College Report)

By clicking the Show Route button, the below map is displayed showing the Bus route in order of stops.

By clicking the Route Message button the below window will pop up and a message can be typed and sent to all parent or to parents of children who are still on the bus by ticking that option as per below screen shot.

The Notify bus company button allow a message to be sent to the bus company with any student changes or updates that have been made to a particular bus route.

User are also able to Add Absence of student for a particular date or date range by clicking the [+] button next to the Absentee list.  We advise that any absenteeism is to be communicated to the school first with as much notice as possible.

The red [Emergency] button allows users to send an email to an organisation with a manifest list of all occupant on a bus including the driver to e.g emergency services in case of an accident.