Casual Travellers gives schools the opportunity to capture revenue for their movement on the network.

  • A Casual Traveller is designated as a student not nominated in the master file as a Bus Traveller. 
  • These students can be booked on a route and stopped by parents with the App or through the transport screen.
  • Once the student scans onto the route, the system will flag an exception on the manifest for Casual Traveller. You can run a Exception Report for Casual Traveller. 
  • If you have the zone changing set up at the completion of the route, you can then run a Revenue by Casual Traveller Report and it will display the change applicable to the movement of the student. If you have not set up zone changing it will still display the student’s name but with “0” value.
  • We have also built a Casual Traveller dash let in the Dashboard screen.