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Request or receive a WELCOME EMAIL from your Rollcall provider. Rollcall parent access is by invitation only from your Rollcall provider.


Follow the instructions in your WELCOME EMAIL to setup your password and download the Rollcall Parent App (mobile device) or access the Rollcall parent Web Portal (Computer only).


Store your login details (School code, Email, Password) in a safe place for future use. The App saves your login details, but you may be required to enter them again from time to time after updates and to maintain security of your data.


  • For security reasons the Welcome Email "Set password" link is one-click and time limited. You'll need to  successfully complete the password setup from the first click of the link. If you receive a message that the link has expired, you'll need to request a new Welcome Email from your Rollcall provider (school or bus company).
  • If you forget your password, you can use the "forgot password" to reset. Note: This only works, after you've already successfully set your password for the first time.
  • Successful login to, and use of the Rollcall App will require access to a stable internet connection without restrictions. 
  • You Rollcall Provider controls which features their parents have access to. The Rollcall App consists of the following tabs:
    • Map - location of the transport if your student is booked or on-board and the route is in operation
    • Bus Absence - record an absence for a student that is booked but not travelling
    • Bus Changes - view only or view and modify booked trips, including adding a one-off trip
    • Alerts - set up email alerts for each student
    • Bookings - make long-term bookings for regular travel
    • Transactions - view transport charges and pay your account
    • Account Setting - update your profile and add a Secondary Carer (for Primary Account holders only)
    • About - info on the Rollcall app and version no.
    • Logout 

Please contact your Rollcall provider for access to the Rollcall system and for technical issues related to the App.