Parent App - Native - iOS or Android

1. Users will be sent a Welcome Email with full instructions and a request to enter their password in twice.

2. The functions that users can access is determined by the parameters set within RollCall.

3. Below is a full suite of user functions.


Users can see the live location and status of only the students allocated to them in the UI.

Bus Absence

Users can remove students from bus routes.

Bus Changes

Users can move students from one bus and stop to another. The changes cannot be made if the bus is logged on. The changes can be made some days ahead, a parameter set in the UI. Users can be restricted to no changes at all or just changes within their student's allocated route.


Users can set alerts (email) in the App. This can notify them when their students scans on or off the bus or if any exceptions are raised.


Users can make bus payments via the App. Payments are made via PayPal or PayWay.

Account Setting

Primary Carers can create and deactivate Secondary accounts.